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Our Courses

MKCL's Accounting

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Enroll for course now and understand the world Accounting!

KLiC Tally Prime
(with GST)


An Excel Expert collects, edits, analyses data, creates data bases and reports.

KLiC Advanced Excel


This course will give a much needed boost to your career by enhancing your knowledge

KLiC Advanced Tally

Programming Courses

C is one of the most widely used and It will help you enter the world of Programming

C Programming

Easy to learn and enables the rapid application development (RAD) of graphical user interface (GUI)

Visual Basic

it is used in the Oracle database, and the Oracle database is a fixture of enterprise systems world-wide, it will outlive you.

Oracle Learning

C ++ considered as an intermediate level language as it includes high and low level language features.

C++ Programming

Java is essential for enterprise-level web apps and microservices, which are on the rise

Java Learning


Don't just learn Python. Learn the overall Software Development process.

It is also the most sought-out programming language by hiring managers


Higher growth potential. Knowledge of SQL can bolster your CV and help you get a job in the IT industry.

SQL Server

React Native has a bright future. Because it is supported by Facebook and a huge community of developers.

React Native

Whether you start from this language or some other, you will probably have to learn JavaScript eventually.

Java Script

MKCL's Visual Design Courses


Designed for learners with Architectural or Engineering Background or for those who have keen interest in CAD.


Graphic Design-01.jpg

MNCs and startups are flourishing, And there is a need for Creatives to help these companies with solution

KLiC Graphic Designing

Computer Fundamentals


Introduction to Windows UI

Fundamentals of Microsoft office

Introduction to Internet



English Typing - 1 Month Course

Marathi Typing - 2 Months course

Computer Typing


Speaking and understanding English will also improve your chances of finding employment, and will help you converse and communicate successfully

English Speaking

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Shorthand allows accurate notes to be taken effortlessly over a long period of time, and enables the minute-taking secretary to feel more confident


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Introduction and operation of Digital Devices. Introduction to the Internet and its Usage. Making India Digital and cashless


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